5 Easy Ways to Change Hair Color in Photoshop

Hair is the most attractive and precious organ in our human body. We adore hair, nurture it try to keep it stylish. But not always we cannot go to parlor/salon to dye it or use hair dye at home. Adobe Photoshop is the best way to serve this purpose if you want to change hair color of your photos.

You will now learn in this tutorial how to change hair color in easy 5 steps.

Let’s Start.

Original Image

Original Image

After Changing Hair Color

After Changing Hair Color

 1. Open the image in Photoshop you want to change hair color.

image0052. Take a soft edged Brush (Press ‘B’) as per the size of your image. We will now work in the Quick Mask mode to select the hair area. 


3. Go to the Quick Mask Mode from the toolbar or just Press “Q” key. Start painting the hair thoroughly. If the brush goes outside the border, simply use the Eraser tool to correct them. You can scale the brush size for better use up or down.



4. Click again Edit in Quick Mask or press ‘Q’ to leave quick mask mode. What you got? An outline is seen around the hair! But we need to select only the hair. Go to Select & Inverse.

Voila! This will only select the hair.


5. Now it’s time to color the selected area of hair. Go Layer > New Fill Layer > Solid Color.


A dialog box will pop up. Change the mode to Soft Light. Then Click Ok.


Choose your preferred color/dye from the Color Picker Box and click OK!




Yahoo! Here is your changed hair color. You can try some of them before fixing the final color. You can also change your hair color in another way after completing the step 4.

Just copy the selection and paste it in a new layer. Go Image> Adjustment > hue/Saturation. Choose the hair color from the color picker by moving the sliders.

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