Design and Dysfunction: Consider Your Viewer’s Context

Eyes are the best channel of communication among all other receiver-organs. It is said, eyes cover almost eighty percent of total perceivable massages. Designers must have vast knowledge and research on communication. As a designer you have to be conversant with your visitor who apparently remains unseen to you. But you can feel their existence as your experience grows with professional’s instinct.

Design is a core ingredient when a mass-media massage or advertisement is processed in the industry. Here, graphic designers or artists churn out massage as a product through extensive graphical and pictorial demonstrations. Actually these are the representations of some substantial products or services that intend to serve some business or social purpose. So, you must have thorough understanding about audience’s context and have dynamic senses about communication to produce successful promotional and advertisements regularly.

What is the reality of your audiences? Huge advertisements are gathering around them everyday, every moment. Try to knock and penetrate them through any route, any means. Thousands are pleading and begging for a single look. News, website, television programs, streets, sports, vehicles – wherever they see, are advertisements; whatever they see are sponsored. So, all efforts together make communication hardest to hear in the crowd. In such mess, if someone is lucky enough to draw attentions, usually suffers from lack of responses. Here, the reason we find, is something like narcotic dysfunction.

Narcotic dysfunction is ineffectiveness of narcotics at a certain dose. Usually the impact of such things decreases day by day in a regular practice. The nerve or sense does not work expectedly and it provokes for an excessive dose.

Thus the taste of our eyes does not response to a same illustration after a certain period of time. It also happens for similar standard of visuals. So, designers have to be dynamic and easy convertible to new ways of depiction. A deep insight is necessary to a designer to appear with a ‘never before’ look to his viewers. Odd or exclusive, whatever the way, opt for your best approach to express you massage effectively. Be unique in thought; be pertinent in design; be different in illustration; be aggressive in approach – thus you can exist in the market. Try to think apart from yourself. Relate and integrate common things of daily life uncommonly with the massage. But be careful about distraction from purpose.

Image selection and image treatment are very important for illustration. Photoshop is the wizard to make everything possible in an image. Arty mind and crafty hands together make incredible thing happening in the industry. Everyday, the master is producing groundbreaking representation for promotional, and peoples are running after those. They enjoy and cherish those; they talk about those and after all they turn the massage into action, which is the ultimate success of an advertisement.

These are some ways to face the challenge of dysfunction. But things are changing day by day. Market is getting aggressively competitive. We must try to be the best of the breed in the design industry; otherwise we will be lost in the oblivion.To know more please visit:

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