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Channel Masking

About Channel Masking/Soft Mask

Channel Masking/Soft mask/Alpha Channel Masking is a Raster Masking primarily in Adobe Photoshop that requires Photoshop Masking techniques with CMYK, RGB, and various other custom channels. Channel masking is the best known way to accomplish clipping path/silhouette for sophisticated images. It is an extremely swift and effective method for selecting an object with a reasonable color contrast to the surrounding pixels is to create a mask and then to load this mask as a selection.

Where to Apply

Channel Masking or Soft Mask, in a nutshell, is an answer to the impossibility of Clipping Path or Simple Masking technique to remove background of an image/photograph. Channel masking is commonly applied for translucent or semi-transparent images like glasses, hairs, fur, feathers, smoke, flames, highlights, fireworks, lighting, chiffon & muslin etc. Apart from Adobe Photoshop other software like Illustrator, GIMP, Corel Photo-Paint, Fireworks, CorelDraw etc. can be used. But Photoshop is the most popular of all.

Utilities of Channel Masking

Channel Masking/Alpha Channel Masking is the most brisk and powerful means to select or knockout the background of an object with hairy, furry, smoky or zigzag edge of an image which is almost impossible by any other tools like Amateur’s Lasso or Magic Wand tool, Color Range etc. Even expert’s Pen Tool or Background Remover is not able to make a fine and soft path around such delicate edge. Thus, with the aid of Alpha Channel Masking or Soft Mask you can remove or erase the background of a translucent or semi-transparent image, make it transparent or place it another background.

Along with removing the background, it is handy for translucent image to use Soft Mask or Channel Mask to combine images in Photoshop called Vignette or Collage a picture/photo.

One of the main functions of channel masking is color separation, color correction etc. Channel Masking is also quite handy for saving a selection for large image files (PSD, TIFF, PICT, & RAW) and where creating image layers is quite difficult.

  • Popular Application
  • Digital photographer
  • Graphic design house
  • Modeling agency/Fashion House/Showbiz
  • Printing house
  • Photo studios
  • Advertising agency
  • Online retailer
  • E-commerce shop
  • Product Photography
  • Magazine/Newspaper publishing company
  • Catalog company and so on.

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Turnaround Time

Our standard turnaround time is 24 hours. But faster service is possible as per client’s requisite. The turnaround time depends on the volume and complicity of the job.