The Best Tutorial to Do Clipping Path

Want to get rid of the background of an image? Want a new good-looking background apart from the original one? Or just want mere whitening your aspired image? Clipping path is the smartest tool of this type of image manipulation artwork.

Clipping path or Silhouette/silo is the process of cutting out the original background of an image and inserting it infallibly into a new image or background. All the contents inside the path will be present after the clipping path is applied and others outside the path will be absent from the output. Pen tool is the best way to perform photoshop clipping path. It’s a manual task and quick and easy way to achieve a good cui out.

In this tutorial I will discuss the simplest but artistic ways to do a clipping path. Come and enjoy it!

Step 1

Open up an image in Photoshop that you want to do clipping path.

Take the pen tool from the tool box or simply press ‘p’.

Step 2


With pen tool start drawing the path area on your image you want to apply clipping path.

Step 3

After drawing the path on the border of your image it’s time to select to cut it out in anew background. Click the Paths tab on the Layers palette. A grayscale path will pop up name work path. Just click on it with mouse and pressing Ctrl key simultaneously. The image path will be selected.

Step 4

You can clip the image and remove the background in two ways now. Go in the select option at the top middle and then hit inverse. Now delete the background by pressing the ctrl key + select the path layer and press delete.

Or, you can simply copy the selection area of the image and create a new document and then click paste. It will give you a brand new background of your image.

Step 5

Fill the background color or anything you like as your background in the white background.

Great! You finished playing around clipping path.

Learn Where to Apply this Tutorial:

  • Products and service can be best highlighted and presented through the clipping path where needs correction or altering the color.
  • The charisma of clipping path is touching  very single visual promotional or communicative media in  magazines, books, catalogs, brochures, calendars, poster product-packages, advertisements,  e-commerce site,  online shops and many other where, not!

Who needs this service?

  • The clipping path tutorial is not just for entertaining oneself. In the commercial field this process of is of great use.  Those web and prepress graphics company want to ease their workloads and spend their valuable time in other creativity can outsource this.
  • Online retailers, digital photographers, catalogue agencies, showbiz/fashion houses, advertizing agencies need this astronomically.

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