Worried about Cost & Time? Find out Your Best Outsourcing Partner

All over the world, internet facility is getting better day by day. It has already started streamlining many businesses globally. Outsourcing or hiring expertise from offshore sources is a very common trend in business now. Especially, outsourcing of graphic and website design become very popular in the industry. Design or advertising companies, online e-commerce sites, retailers, web-development sites, textiles and printing firms are now casting their search-light around the world for an outsourcing partner. But as a new business, it raises some questions what I want to put under the microscope to make better understanding.

Two main concerns about outsourcing are Cost & Time

Cost: A penny saved is a penny gained – English Proverb

Cost-effectiveness is the vital issue in any business when it has to struggle in a bloodthirsty competition. The ultimate consequence of such competition is getting ‘cheaper’. So, the unpleasant truth is that your profit lies in cutting down costs. So, companies from richer countries are looking for overseas expertise to work for them as a full-service or partial working partner. Particularly, they seek for those countries where cheap and skilled human resource is available, accompanied by a supportive infrastructure for sustainable business. Not only labor cost, outsourcing also cuts down the operating expenses of maintaining an office or workstation.

Outsourcer also enjoys some indemnity. They may not pay their overseas partner when they fail to make proper delivery. But, in their own studio, all company has to pay their employee according to their laws and contracts. So, in outsourcing, cost is confined only into finished product or delivery. As a result, one can easily predetermine his cost without facing any threat from hidden cost or system loss.

I suggest settling the job specification and price for every different task. It will reduce hassle and dissatisfaction for both part of outsourcing.

Time: To choose time is to save time – Francis Bacon.

Outsourcing saves time in many ways. For a full-service outsourcing, all you need is just to provide a clear guideline about the job to your outsourcing counterpart. Apart from any exception, you will get it done by the deadline.

Also you can outsource some part of your job; it may enhance your total efficiency. Simply, fragment your job with plan. If you think to do the creative part (composition, color etc) of the design yourself you can send the skill-oriented jobs (clipping path, masking etc) to your offshore hand. It will endow you with extra time to spend for creativity. So, planned outsourcing will allow you making outstanding product within quicker time. It will also contribute to your productivity

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