A simple understanding of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is that your customers see your advertisement or listing when they search.

SEO or Search Engine optimization is the heartbeat for high ranking and traffic for a website or web page in Search Engines like Google, Yahoo!, MSN, etc. SEO is the most cost-effective and efficient method that hoists up your online business visibility to your potential visitors among numerous rival sites. It hikes up the position of your website in search engine and helps keep your position in top pages. It has direct impact on your business as it places you in the frontal row by beating the competitors behind. Thus SEO brings a lot of clicks for you that eventually aid you to achieve your anticipated business revenue or other goals.

Why SEO is important from our marketing standpoint?

SEO poses more traffic than SEM (Search Engine Marketing) that is PPP (Pay Per Click). One study has revealed that more than 80% of internet users click on the first three listings/links of Google. Other reason is that natural/organic/un-paid listings are perceived to be non-biased. SEO gives better ROI (Return on Investment) than any other marketing medium. There are no bidding wars or click fraud in SEO. It also helps in creating an online based brand.

Graphics Bangladesh Limited (GBL) believe in sustainable SEO services. A few websites successfully get high-rankings. Most of them lose their positions due to lack of sustainability factors. The silly methods like spamming, key-word stuffing etc, are the reasons behind their downfall.

Graphics Bangladesh Limited (GBL) is the fastest growing online Web Design and SEO expert in Bangladesh (Indian Subcontinent) which has long been studying and researching for how to maximize a website/webpage positioning.

GBL complies with the ‘white hat’ SEO ethical guidelines and organic search engine optimization strategies rather than stuffing the site with useless keywords. It ensures online presence of your site through social media as well. Such SEO technique increases the readability of your web-content also.

We offer a very personalized Search Engine Optimization, Promotion & Ranking Services for you. We study the business and purpose of your website, find out the potential visitor, research thoroughly for keywords, analyze its objectives in market niche and then devise a unique SEO strategy for you. So, at GBL, you are going to get the optimal SEO service. Moreover, as an outsourcing company we also offer you save money and time with our cost-effective approach plus our fast and one-stop service.

So, if you are willing to increase your site’s search engine positioning, improve the visibility and become dominant in internet marketing, then GBL is your right SEO brain-box to rank you higher.