Image Processing

Graphics Bangladesh Limited is a globally recognized pre-press photo editing service provider, delivering seamless, effective, and top-tier image editing solutions at competitive prices. The company places a strong emphasis on quality, prioritizing it over price to ensure that clients receive the highest standards in all their image editing services. There is a firm commitment to excellence, and Graphics Bangladesh Limited guarantees consistent top-quality outcomes for their clients, maintaining a reputation for reliable and superior service in the industry.

Clipping Path

Clipping path service involves creating precise paths around objects in photos, isolating them from their backgrounds. When removing or isolating an image, achieving accurate edges can be challenging. Photo clipping services guarantee edge accuracy when separating images from their backgrounds, ensuring seamless and precise cutouts.

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Background Removing

Consumers value clean and clear product images when making online purchases. Hence, the process of removing unwanted backgrounds or objects and creating a white backdrop is crucial in eCommerce product photography. However, busy eCommerce retailers often encounter challenges managing post-processing tasks for numerous product photos. Even if they handle the editing internally, focusing on other essential aspects becomes difficult amidst the volume of post-processing work.

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Image Masking

When dealing with objects featuring transparent or see-through materials, solely selecting edges isn’t sufficient due to the inner transparent areas. In such cases, experts opt for the image masking service, commonly known as a clipping mask. This technique differs from the clipping path as it allows for precise removal of backgrounds from images. Clients seeking background removal services often utilize this method to ensure accurate cutouts, especially when dealing with objects featuring transparent elements.

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Photo Retouching

In the realm of digital marketing, aiming high necessitates boarding the aircraft of photo retouching services. Much like an aircraft propels one skyward, professional photo retouching elevates images to new heights. This transformative process enables the enhancement of skin tones, eradication of blemishes and spots, and resolution of framing and lighting imperfections. Embracing photo retouching is akin to giving your visuals the wings to soar and stand out in the competitive skies of digital marketing.

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Ghost Mannequin

The Ghost Mannequin Effect service stands as an optimal method to showcase apparel products, significantly enhancing product images. Compared to traditional model photography, this approach proves to be more profitable for sellers, avoiding the costs and maintenance fees associated with using models.
While employing models and capturing them in stylish poses has been an age-old marketing strategy, the expenses involved, including high rates and maintenance fees, often soar. The Ghost Mannequin service emerges as the perfect alternative, offering impressive apparel product photos without the financial burdens of traditional model photography ensuring seamless and precise cutouts.

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Image Shadowing

Be the exclusive choice for your customers by leaving them awestruck and instilling trust in your products through captivating photos. Photoshop shadow creation services are pivotal in ensuring that white-background product photos remain believable and authentic, steering clear from the unrealistic portrayal that often occurs when backgrounds are removed. These meticulously crafted shadows breathe life into images, lending an aura of realism and credibility that resonates powerfully with your audience.

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Color Correction

Image Color Correction Service involves the precise adjustment and enhancement of colors in images to achieve desired tones, balance, and visual appeal. It addresses issues related to color accuracy, exposure, contrast, white balance, and tint, ensuring images accurately represent their subjects.

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