Ghost Mannequin Service

The Ghost Mannequin Effect service stands as an optimal method to showcase apparel products, significantly enhancing product images. Compared to traditional model photography, this approach proves to be more profitable for sellers, avoiding the costs and maintenance fees associated with using models.

While employing models and capturing them in stylish poses has been an age-old marketing strategy, the expenses involved, including high rates and maintenance fees, often soar. The Ghost Mannequin service emerges as the perfect alternative, offering impressive apparel product photos without the financial burdens of traditional model photography ensuring seamless and precise cutouts.

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We do value your time. We can provide our quality services in the fastest turnaround time.

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We provide quality design and manipulation. We have a zero-tolerance policy regarding quality.

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You can save money by outsourcing your image editing and graphics design jobs to GBL.

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Sorts Of Ghost Mannequin Services

Our Invisible Mannequin Service is Divided into Four Categories, Recognizing the Unique Needs of Each Image. Fair Pricing Ensures Clients Only Pay for the Removal They Require, Avoiding Unnecessary Charges for Full-Body Edits when Partial Removal Suffices.

Neck Joint Service

Neck Joint Excellence: The Dummy Removal Process Commences with Neck Area Selection. Erasing Creates a Gap in the Backside’s Inner Portion, Expertly Filled by Bringing the Missing Part from Another Image. Ideal for Clothing Products with Extended Neck Areas like Shirts, Tops, Jackets, and Blazers. Trusted by Renowned Brands such as Hermes, Prada, Chanel, Ralph Lauren, Burberry, House of Versace, GBL Ensures Premium Quality and Offers Competitive Prices for This Image Retouching Service

Bottom Joint Service

Perfecting Bottom Joints: Expert Post-Processing Ensures Seamless Integration of Long-Tailed or Backside Clothing Products. Similar to Neck Joint Services, Editors Integrate the Inner Portion from Another Image After Erasing the Mannequin. With Precision and Two Source Images – One with the Mannequin and Another of the Back Part – Our Experts Guarantee Accurate Cutouts and Immaculate Bottom Joint Results.

Sleeve Joint Service

Precision in Sleeve Joint Service: Expertly Addressing the Gap Created in Long-Sleeve Clothing Products When Mannequin Palms are Removed. This Specialized Service Demands Extra Concentration, Especially with Small, Tiny, or Transparent Sleeves. Our Experts Ensure Meticulous Editing to Seamlessly Attach the Missing Piece, Delivering Immaculate Results.

Symmetric Image Edit Service

Unlocking Visual Harmony: Symmetric Image Editing Service for Professional and Eye-Catching Results. Widely Utilized Across Industries, Including Photography, Fashion, E-commerce, and Advertising, to Craft Visually Balanced and Aesthetically Pleasing Images. opt for Professional Services to Ensure Complexity and Time-Consumption Are Handled with Expertise.

Ghost Mannequin Sample

Catering to Diverse Needs: Our Invisible Mannequin Service Offers Tailored Solutions with Four Specialized Categories.

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