Background Removing Service

Consumers value clean and clear product images when making online purchases. Hence, the process of removing unwanted backgrounds or objects and creating a white backdrop is crucial in eCommerce product photography. However, busy eCommerce retailers often encounter challenges managing post-processing tasks for numerous product photos. Even if they handle the editing internally, focusing on other essential aspects becomes difficult amidst the volume of post-processing work.

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Sorts Of Background Removing Services

Graphics Bangladesh Limited emphasizes not just impressing clients but ensuring impactful efforts. Our background removal services are categorized to match specific image types and service needs. Categories include simple and complex background removal, transparent backgrounds.

Simple Background Removing Service

It sounds like you’re describing a service that offers background removal for product photos, particularly for items like boxes, bottles, and balls with simple and straightforward edges. The ease of background removal is determined by the simplicity of the product’s shape, and in such cases, the service may use fewer anchor points and a single path to complete the process.

Medium Background Removing Service

It seems like you’re referring to products with more intricate shapes and contours, such as watches, bracelets, necklaces, and clothing items. These products require a more detailed background removal process involving multiple anchor points to create clean and precise paths around their curvy edges. This level of editing complexity falls into the category of an intermediate background erasing service.

Complex Background Removing Service

Certainly, as an online retailer, you would encounter a variety of products with complex shapes that necessitate advanced photo editing techniques. The list you provided includes items like transparent glass, chains, people, furniture, furry dolls, jewelry, nets, and more. These items often require a complex picture cut-out process for effective background removal.

Super Complex Background Removing Service

Indeed, products with multiple curvy and unclear edges, intricate details, and the need for multiple closed paths pose the most challenging category for background removal. This level of complexity demands a high degree of skill and precision from photo editing experts. Some examples of such challenging products include items with very tiny details, multiple closed paths, and a requirement for hundreds of anchor points.

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