Graphics Bangladesh Limited (GBL) – a world class Prepress Graphics design and Image Editing outsourcing company located in the Bangladesh offers the finest quality Photoshop Clipping Path (image cutout, Photoshop silo/silhouette or background knockout) service for the offshore consumers. GBL has 5 years of professional experience in providing bulk clipping paths fully online with 100% quality, fast turnaround time and very competitive price.

If you are looking for a quality clipping path service provider then you can easily release your loads and cost by outsourcing us to concentrate on your core business or creative activities.

What is Clipping Path?

Clipping path or Silhouette/silo is the process of cutting out the original background of an image and inserting it into a new image or background. All the objects inside the path will be present after the clipping path is applied and others outside the path will be expunged from the output. Clipping path results in hard but fine edges. Basically, clipping path is a vector masking technique used to hide the background of an image or may be used to morph an image into any shapes, making the masked portions transparent or to any background color.

Why Clipping Path?

Clipping path is the nuts and bolts of all other image editing methods. It becomes handy whether it is to knockout the background, make it transparent or apply Photoshop masking. Its usage is astronomically increasing for its cutting age applications. To hide the unnecessary parts as well as correcting the color we use it as well. Clipping path is applicable both in 2D & 3D graphics. In compound images/photos clipping path is usually used for color correction.

How Clipping Path is done?

Clipping Path never becomes a part of the original image and does not change any pixel in the original image. It creates a mask around the intended portion of original photo and cuts it out to another background or makes the unwanted pixels transparent.

Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Fireworks, CorelDraw etc. are popular software to create Path for any images. But mostly used software is Adobe Photoshop. In Photoshop there are a number of tools to perform Clipping Path, like: Pen tool, Extract filter, Alpha channel using the Magic Wand, Lasso tool, Quick Mask, etc. Photoshop Pen Tool is the ultimate instrument for clipping path in the image manipulation industry. No other tools can provide the crispy outlook of clip images other than pen tool. It is a form of manual clipping path and totally hand drawn.

Who Wants Clipping Path Services?

People, who professionally deal with visual presentation, find it necessary in their everyday life. Especially in product photography, website, graphics design, advertising and printing industries, clipping path service is a must. Most of the original photographs have some drawbacks with their backgrounds or leave something for other digital image editing ready for present. Clipping path is regarded a ‘daily diet’ for the following purposes:

  • Digital photographer
  • Graphic design house
  • Printing house
  • Online retailer
  • E-commerce shop
  • Magazine/Newspaper publishing company
  • Catalog company
  • Photo studios
  • Showbiz/fashion house
  • Web developer
  • Advertising agency and so on.

 Why GBL?

Graphics Bangladesh Limited has made a stride as leading outsourcing clipping path service provider in the In the Indian Subcontinent. We do excel in all types of clipping path service notably, basic clipping path, simple clipping path, compound clipping path, Extra compound clipping path, complex clipping path, super complex clipping path, clipping path with flatness, multiple clipping path, clipping path with Image shadowing (natural/drop/reflection shadow). Things that have made us best one are:

  • We do 100% manual Photoshop clipping paths with pen tool
  • We deliver complete turnkey before the deadline
  • Graphics Designers @ GBL have the utmost expertise in exhaust Cutout image
  • We accept all format images including TIFF, JPEG, and PSD.
  • Complete online solution (invoice, uploader etc)
  • Clipping path can be accompanied by variety of shadow effects such as natural shadow, drop shadow, reflection shadow etc.
  • The most competitive price but zero tolerance in quality
  • Client’s satisfaction is our best capital.

Turnaround Time

Our standard turnaround time is 24 hours. But faster service is possible as per client’s requisite. The turnaround time depends on the volume and complicity of the job.